Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sports & Me

I'm still working on my hippo and Reddy Kilowatt. I wish I could work faster, but I can't. Reddy has sockets for ears so I'll plug the guitar into his ear.
Tonight I'll watch the only Olympic event that I can get into-the women's figure skate. I like the dance aspect and the costumes. Ha! Who says I don't enjoy sports?
A couple of years ago I went to a Timberwolves game with Molly and friends. I hadn't paid much attention to basketball since Shaq played for the Magic. I had vaguely heard of Lebron James of the Cavaliers but, boy howdy, that night he was unforgettable. He ran out and attacked the Timberwolves , racking up so many points right up front that the Timberwolves were unable to recover, so they were clobbered. I suppose I'm a Timberwolves fan because I live here, but watching James was thrilling.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Can Light Up the Dark

I've been busy lately making things people ask me to do-usually remakes of pieces I've sold on Etsy.Every now and then I'll do a custom order, but I pretty much limit that to people close to me.
This little guy is Reddy Kilowatt. He retired a long time ago. I want to make a statue of him. Tomorrow I'll make him alongside my hippo.
That will be fun.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I've been busy mostly remaking pieces. I'm close to done. Tweedledee and Tweedledum will be the hardest so of course I've put them off until last.
When I work, I start off with a nice tidy space. In no time, I have a tiny space with my tools laying all over. I can't seem to break myself of this.
I wonder how hard it would be to do Taylor Swift.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sneakers & Sandals

We picked up Jim's business associate, Mr. Yang at his hotel this morning and took him to the airport. He was flying back to Korea, he didn't speak English and he didn't want to navigate the airport alone. We went inside with him and waited in the lines. I've never seen the airport so crowded. I didn't bring a book, so I people watched. They all looked like vacationers except Mr. Yang. There were two types. One group was going to the mountains to ski. They had long skinny luggage. The other was heading south, some to Cancun. A lot of the women were wearing sandals. I can't imagine getting out of my car here in 20 degrees with naked feet.
This would be a good time to go south.
I'm remaking some of my pieces for a customer. This one has glitter. Glitter is a bitch to work with.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cheshire Cat

Once again I'm working on two pieces at once because it seems to go better that way. It's because it's always better for me to look away from a piece for a while . I get a better sense of what I'm doing when I forget about it and come back to it. Go figure.
Last night "Moonstruck" showed on Turner classics. I love that movie. The last scene with all the people sitting around the kitchen table is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time.
I'm looking through my Lewis Carroll book for more statues to make. The one on the right is the Cheshire cat. I've sold most of the Alice pieces I've done, all to the same person.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This one's in the oven. There's a website called Regretsy that people submit the worst things they found on Etsy. I actually looked to see if any of my stuff was on it. Thank God, no.
I did once come across a couple of my pieces on someone's blog. They were listing odd or weird things on Etsy. My Hot Dog Man And my dog drinking out of a toilet were there. I suppose that's okay.
My fantasy is still to make things and have them just disappear, leaving a nice pile of money behind.
Am I unrealistic, or what?

Monday, February 15, 2010

I like This

Presidents Day

I've been alternating between a skeleton and Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee today. I took this picture a while ago. I'm actually further along, but not done.
Someone who wanted the bride and groom wanted their faces closer together so I took a chance, tied their necks together and put them in the oven on low. It worked. I have to put the retaken pictures on Etsy.
This isn't very interesting, but then, it's February.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Frog& Bug

I'm in the middle of the frog now and thinking about the pieces I'm supposed to be making. It's almost easier to make a new piece rather than reproduce one I've done before. Maybe because it's more fun. When I remake one I want it to be better than the previous one and I often get frustrated because that doesn't always happen. Sometimes they're worse and I throw them away. If someone ever wants several of the same thing, I'm in trouble.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yellow Kite

It seems like the last few days I've done a lot of things, but not sculpting, and when I do, it's not what I'm supposed to be making. I like making Kokeshi dolls and since I've now sold three I feel I can make more. I want to make a frog next and then I will make that dog and those skeletons.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dragons, Wizards and Dogs

I completed the Jabberwock this morning. Someone wants me to try Tweedle and Tweedle Dum. I might. Here is a shot of Hogwarts that they're building at Universal in Orlando. It looks like it'll be fabulous. That'll give Disney a run for their money.
Here's a picture of Watson. He's saying goodbye to his nads, but he doesn't know it.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I'm going to complete my Alice set with a Jabberwock. Lewis Carroll's works are in public domain now, so you can read them online. I guess that one slipped past Disney.
It used to be fifty years after an author's death until the "Bono" law was passed. Winnie the Pooh would have lost it's copyright in 2006. Now it's 2026 thanks to Sonny Bono with some help from Disney.
I'm supposed to be making a dog, but I want to finish a few things first while I think about the dog.
Statues never come out right if I just start working in clay right off. I have to sketch them and think about them. I found this out the hard way.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I was at some friends house the other night and saw a caterpillar statue that I had given them last year. I'd forgotten about it. I should keep a list of things that aren't stored on Etsy. I'd rather have a Jeeves around to remind me of things.
"Alice in Wonderland" comes out in a month. The stills look gorgeous. Maybe they'll get it right.
I read that Tom Hanks turned down the part of Ellwood Dowd in the "Harvey" remake that Spielburg wanted to do. Good boy, Tom. Spielburg won't be doing "Harvey" after all. Good.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The feast of Candlemas is celebrated 40 days after Christmas. Jesus was presented in the temple. Church candles are blessed on this day. Other countries have interesting customs. In Mexico they dress their Baby Jesus doll.

"If Candlemas be fair and bright
Winter will have another flight
but if it be dark with cloud & rain
Winter is gone and will not come again"

That's from the Celts. The Germans gave us the groundhog. Of course, they have pagan roots. This is the dreariest time of year for me. Maybe they could commercialize it and turn it into a big party. February could use something. Tomorrow is the feast of St. Blaise. When I was a girl we used to get our throats blessed because he was the patron saint of such things.
Back to my cowboy.